Black Lives Matter

The Time is Now

Never feel guilty, just feel good. This is the sentiment I chose for EcoLuxeFashion because I wanted people to feel good about the choices they were making. Sometimes, when we find out new things about how people are treated during the garment making process, or how fashion affects our environment, it makes a person feel guilty for not having known. Guilt never changes things. Love does that. If you are here, then making a difference is something that you are already trying to do. 

At the moment, you might be thinking about what you can do to make a difference in other areas of your life. We are learning that it is no longer enough to say, “I am not racist.” I believe that this statement is made by a good person with good intentions. However, we are learning that there is more to do. We are being asked to actively learn more about and understand the lived existence of our fellow humans, the  BIPOC community in particular. We are being asked to be actively, anti-racist. Which means we have to take a longer look, with a curious and loving mind at what is happening within the BIPOC community.

Here are the things I am doing. This is a journey and there is no end destination, just love and learning along the way.

Be Present.

I have the opportunity in each moment to stop and be in the present. To take stock of what is going on around me. This can start with the breath, it can start with the sounds I hear, and the sensations I am feeling in my body. I can take that momentum and use it to notice what I have. Once I notice, I can extend gratitude for all that I am surrounded with, all that I have, all that is good. From here, I can think about White Privilege. Even though I am Latina, I still experience White Privilege because of the color of my skin. Acknowledging this truth helps to shift the narrative. 

Gratitude for what you have will give you courage when you realize that people who are living around you aren’t experiencing the same freedom as you. It will help you extend good will and to be curious when people act in ways you might not. If you want to understand more about protesting, watch

be compassionate

Be Curious. Be Compassionate.

Because of Covid-19, I have been feeling a lot of things. I am trying to be curious about my feelings and also be gentle with what comes up. Processing and working through the feelings helps me to understand myself, then learn and grow. My goal is to extend this curiosity to other people and wonder about what they are feeling.

Tara Brach, describes compassion this way: In Buddhist teachings, compassion is described as a “quivering of the heart” in response to suffering. Compassion awakens as we allow ourselves to be touched by our shared vulnerability – our own, or that of another. It’s the medicine we most need to bring healing to our world. For a wonderful talk on compassion and healing, listen here.

take action

Take Action.

My day job is in Educational Technology and my professional goal is to help usher in bilingualism to as many learners as possible. I know a lot (and am always learning) about institutionalized racism and how it affects our nation's learners and the barriers it creates. If you want to hear me talk about Culturally Responsive Pedagogy, watch here. 

Below are some resources to help feed your loving curiosity and help you take action.


National Police Accountability Project-(NPAP) is a non-profit organization and a project of the National Lawyers Guild dedicated to protecting the human and civil rights of individuals in their encounters with law enforcement and detention facility personnel.

Campaign Zero-A comprehensive package of urgent policy solutions - informed by data, research and human rights principles - can change the way police serve our communities.

Self Care.

Holisticism: We’re here to support any human on a journey to becoming more truly themselves — whether you’re a wellness newbie or an expert facilitator — and especially if you’ve ever felt like you just didn’t fit in in the “wellness” space.

Meditation withTara Brach. Her teachings blend Western psychology and Eastern spiritual practices, mindful attention to our inner life, and a full, compassionate engagement with our world. The result is a distinctive voice in Western Buddhism, one that offers a wise and caring approach to freeing ourselves and society from suffering.


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