Our classic neutral with our usual flair. The handwoven fabric is a perfect compliment to our gorgeous, rustic leather.
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Fits true to size, but for half sizes, size down. This style may feel narrow at first, but will stretch with wear and mold to your foot.

Care & Maintenance 

Try best to not wet shoe as leather stretches as it dampens and with extended wear. 

Why We Love This Sustainable Brand

The Root Collective partners with small, independent workshops because they believe that's where the most impact in communities happen. The goal is to support existing workshops that are run by local business owners. All of their producers receive beyond fair trade wages.



Each fashion brand on our site has its own vision for how they want to impact and change the world. Some founders focus on the women who sew the clothes. Other founders focus on the environmental impact their brand has on the world. Most concentrate in more than one area. But what is important is you? How do you want to change the world? What point of view are you aligned with? There is no right or wrong way to promote positivity and peace in the world!  

Here at EcoLuxeFashion, we dissected all of the different ways fashion brands enter the sustainable fashion market and categorized them accordingly. We make it easy to see what their passion and focus is in order to match it with yours. You can feel good about supporting a cause and vision that is aligned with your core values and beliefs. Ready to get started on your sustainable fashion journey? Click here.