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Discover sustainable fashion brands for your style personality! We carefully curate each brand in our directory, sourcing sustainable and ethical brands based on certain criteria, which you can find here. EcoLuxeFashion is a content-based website, which means we curate the best content, and allow our readers to make an informed decision. By clicking on a link, EcoLuxeFashion may earn a small commission, it's how we keep the lights on! But rest assured, it does not skew how the sustainable brands are curated. We hope you enjoy discovering them as much as we enjoyed finding them! Keep scrolling to browse and shop.

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337 BRAND is a sustainable leisurewear brand designed and made in NYC. Giving back is a top priority for this slow fashion brand. Thanks to their friends at One Tree Planted, areas impacted by deforestation receive donations to help plant trees. For every order, 337 Brand donates one dollar and every dollar plants one tree. Together we can make a difference. Shop 337 Brand



two women laughing wearing ADAY trailblazer outfit

ADAY believes in simplifying life so we have space to dream bigger. This sustainable fashion brand is changing the way people shop. By owning truly versatile clothing means you can buy fewer things, because each piece enables you to do much more. ADAY delivers a streamlined wardrobe of versatile, hard-working staples that allow you to live—and travel—on your own terms. Shop ADAY 

ABLE white denim jacket

ABLE is on a mission to challenge the culture of the fashion industry by creating transformative opportunities for women. Headquartered in Nashville, TN, ABLE focuses on working with women overcoming hardships. They are the first brand to publish their lowest wages because they believe complete transparency is the only way to protect and empower fashion's vulnerable workers. Shop ABLE 

almina concept sweater, silk taupe skirt

Almina Concept is a sustainable, direct to consumer, modern womenswear brand. It focuses on producing high quality elevated essentials at an accessible price point. Shop Almina Concept 

Ansea is a lifestyle brand providing timeless essentials for women who love the water. Their inaugural collection of sustainable swimsuits, wetsuits, and RTW offers a counterpoint to the male-dominated world of surf and swimwear, proving that life lived in and out of the water can be chic, feminine, and functional all at once. Ansea believes that saltwater is the cure for anything. They use sustainable facbrics such as Yulex is a plant-based, FSC certified natural rubber which requires 80% less CO2 emissions than neoprene, Econyl® which is a regenerated nylon made from ocean and landfill waste that is infinitely recyclable. Ansea also focuses on domestic production because by producing collections in New York and Los Angeles, they are able to maintain greater transparency and control the quality of our products. Ansea follows the Less Is Everything motto, creating products for women of all backgrounds and bodies with an emphasis on versatility so their pieces can be worn from sand to city. Shop Ansea

Established in 1994, Aquatalia offers the finest combination of fashion, quality and comfort in luxury footwear and is the first to mix distinctive Italian design with innovative weatherproof and stain-resistant technology. Bridging the gap between style and function, Aquatalia sets a new standard in fine footwear and accessories. Aquatalia designs are contemporary yet classic, elegant yet everyday, high quality yet low maintenance — the true foundation of a timeless wardrobe so you can shop less, wear more. Shop Aquatalia


Arraei Collective is a slow fashion clothing brand that is rooted in a conscious lifestyle, meaning they produce quality garments that are made to last a lifetime while respecting the planet and the people that inhabit it. Arraei Collective sources its garments from all-natural materials and they're designed locally in Vancouver, Canada. They work with a small team of sewers to ensure that they are paid fair wages and work in adherence with fair trade principles. Arraie Collective only uses  100% recycled paper and all natural hemp twine for their packaging, 100% recycled plastic mailers, and 100% cotton labels. This sustainable brand truly thinks consciously and considerably about the circular economy. This means considering the end of life of all of our garments. Their fabrics will biodegrade within 1-5 months. From the earth and back to the earth causing no harm in the process. Shop Arraei Collective

Ashbury Skies is a curated collection of women’s shoes from small independent shoe designers. Tired of a sea of boring and neutral shoes, Mary Sue launched Ashbury Skies in 2011. Her vision was to create a virtual shoe closet. Ashbury Skies has a modern, contemporary vibe that resonates with women looking to stand out and define their personal style through their shoe choices. Their best selling and proprietary brand is the BENDY shoe. BENDY is a modern, comfortable flat with a lower carbon footprint, handcrafted in their home state of California. It comes in ten fashionable colors. The BENDY quickly took shape and garnered major press quickly after its launch. The BENDY was written up in Fodor’s Travel as being their top travel shoe pick in 2019 for being both comfortable and stylish. Sustainable fashion influencers love BENDY because it is kinder on the planet and offers a more ethical, sustainable way to shop. Shop Asbury Skies BENDY Shoes.

Ashbury Skies Bendy Shoes


bella dahl pastel lilac long sleeve top

Bella Dahl makes clothes for you to live in and to love. Featuring ever-so-soft pieces that look as good as they feel, bella dahl is designed, manufactured & operated in Los Angeles. They pull influences from the California lifestyle to offer modern essentials in only the finest materials. Our clothing is made with integrity and style, and a commitment to being the most cherished items in your wardrobe. Shop bella dahl


CUSHNIE White ribbed knit dress

CUSHNIE is a luxury women’s bridal and Ready-to-Wear brand that focuses on empowering women through wearable art by honoring the silhouette of a woman's body. CUSHNIE does more than understand the woman's body; they respect it with every tailored line, every drape and every side-hip cut-out that layers her body — as it's those elements that prove her grace and strength. Established in 2008, the label was founded on the desire to serve the modern woman. Artfully crafted with clean, sculptural lines, our collection is precisely tailored for a perfect fit for the female form. The CUSHNIE Collection is worn by influential women including Michelle Obama, Beyoncé, Gal Gadot, Lupita Nyong’o, Ava Duvernay, Jessica Biel, Jennifer Lopez, Ashley Graham, and Padma Lakshmi, among many others.  The brand was a winner of the Ecco Domani Award (2009), a finalist for the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund (2011) and a nominee for the CFDA Swarovski Award (2012). Shop CUSHNIE

shop cuup black sustainable bras

At CUUP, they believe the bras you wear should be made to fit you, not the other way around. CUUP began with a vision: a collection of modern, minimal, unlined bras built for all women. A collection that never compromises fit, comfort, or aesthetic. A collection that supports and shapes without excess materials that pinch or bulk. Bras that look and feel great in every size. This intimates brand spent two years getting their first five silhouettes right with hundreds of samples, 80+ fittings (10x the average our competitors do), and over 40 sizes to give you support, style, and comfort from A to H. Shop CUUP


DL1961 denim cropped high waisted jeans

Fact: the average pair of jeans uses 1500 gallons of water, DL1961 uses just 8! Each pair of DL1961 jeans is made from ethically sourced, premium cotton and water efficient botanic fibers. Shop DL1961 


encircled cobalt blue cardigan, black pants, white tank

Encircled, an international clothing brand based out of Canada, provides capsule collections and designs that can be worn in more ways than one. Encircled is 100% sewn in Toronto, Canada using fairly paid labour. Their core fabrics include sustainable blends of Lenzing Modal, MicroModal, and Bamboo. Shop Encircled

ettitude women's striped pajamas set

Ettitude is a direct-to-consumer sleep brand using innovative fabric technologies. Starting with bedding and sleepwear, Ettitude uses the world's first organic bamboo lyocell fabric to manufacture soft, cooling, odour-absorbent, and hypoallergenic products. Ettitude gives its customers stylish, sustainable and ethically produced comfort for a fraction of the cost of silk and luxury cotton. Shop Ettitude 

Spiritual Gangster Activewear, Evolve Fit Wear

Evolve fit wear is an online shop dedicated to fitness and helping women look and feel their healthiest. They collab only with brands that are female-owned, consider themselves eco-friendly sustainable companies, or are made in the USA. They never photoshop their images, so what you see is 100% real! From Manduka to Spiritual Gangster, there's some activewear brand you will surely fall in love with.


Faherty women's long cardigan

Before 2013, twin brothers Mike & Alex Faherty were fed up with poorly made, dorky surf clothing. So, they created Faherty - a brand whose mission is to revolutionize comfortable, laid-back clothing via style, craftsmanship, and sustainability. The quality of their clothing, their customers, and the planet are at the forefront of each decision they make. Shop Faherty

fortress of inca wooden heel clogs

Fortress of Inca designs, manufactures and sells handmade women's shoes ranging in price from $200 - $275. Their shoes are all made in Peru, by extremely talented artisans and shoemakers. You can even meet the shoemaker down to each unique shoe. Shop Fortress of Inca 


Gigi Pip Women's Wide Brim Hat Grey

Gigi Pip is a women's hat company started by social media influencer Ginger Parrish and inspired by the women who wear many hats. Starting from the design room in Salt Lake City, Utah, Gigi Pip hats go through as many as 70+ steps prior to arriving at your doorstep. As a leader in the women hat market, you'll find dozens of styles at a fraction of the price that you'd find with a custom hat maker. Shop Gigi Pip

Gunas New York Vegan Accessories Brand

GUNAS is a 100% vegan brand and makes “victim-free” fashion full of love for all. What initially began as an all MADE IN NYC label, has now gone global to source and manufacture bags and shoes using artisan and small-scale ethical manufacturers from countries such as India, South Korea, Mexico, Brazil and Hong Kong. With styles ranging from totes, satchels, cross-body bags, wallets and backpacks GUNAS has a bag to suit your every mood and lifestyle need. Shop GUNAS


Harper Wilde Women Red T-Shirt, Blue Jeans

Inspired by two strong creative women, Harper Lee and Laura Ingalls Wilder, founded Harper Wilde upon the ideas of education and empowerment. They knew that women deserved a better way to buy their most basic commodity. They built a shopping experience that removes the middlemen, and as a result, provides higher quality products, made by women and for women, at half the price. This brand empowers every Wilde Woman—from their employees, to factory workers, to girls who don’t have access to education. They are committed not only to lifting up your ladies, but also to lifting up the future generation of leading ladies. Shop Harper Wilde

HSF COLLECTIVE denim crossbody bags

HFS Collective is on a mission to liberate women from their baggage. They celebrate the joy of less and the freedom inherent in living life hands-free. HSF is strongly committed to sustainability, producing all bags locally and ethically and make it their goal to source only the most innovative, animal and earth-friendly materials available. Shop HFS Collective

huma blanco beige block heels

The sister brand of Fortress of Inca, Huma Blanco is the debut collection from designer Adriana Crocco, a third-generation shoemaker and designer based in Lima. A percentage of sales go to a non-profit organization called Ninos del Arco Iris that helps families in need in the Sacred Valley (River Urubamba) in Cusco. Shop Huma Blanco


IVF Collective pink tank top, blue yoga pants

IVL are on a mission to create product that promotes healthy, positive change in the world. From the factory worker sewing their garments, to the woman wearing them to reach new goals, they consider the entire lifecycle and how it can promote a healthier existence. Their signature Hydrasculpt fabric is sustainably sourced using recycled materials and is naturally biodegradable. Additionally, many of the fabrics in their collection are produced using recycled materials when possible. Shop IVL Collective


KOIO Women's White Leather Sneakers

Koio makes high-quality leather sneakers to inspire a high-quality life. At Koio, their shoes are made in Italy with exactly 42 people who handcraft and sew them, day in and day out. Founders Johannes and Chris have challenged quality every step of the way. Rest assured, you will know exactly where your shoes are coming from and who made them. Shop KOIO

KOTN white t-shirt, black pants

KOTN, a Toronto-based brand, provides elevated essentials ethically made in Egypt from authentic Egyptian cotton. Using direct trade practices, KOTN sources their raw cotton straight from the farmers in the Nile Delta and Faiyum, Egypt, and work directly with responsibly-run cut-and-sew facilities in the region. That means fair wages throughout their supply chain, better prices for their customers, and total traceability throughout. Shop KOTN 

Woman wearing Krochet Kids Intl woven top, black pants

Krochet Kids intl. is a socially-minded clothing brand. Along with our parent brand KNOWN SUPPLY we hope to humanize the fashion industry and connect people to the individuals behind every product. We currently work in Uganda, Peru & India producing a full line of apparel, bags, and accessories. Shop Krochet Kids intl  


LAmade Clothing Yellow lace up sweatshirt

Born in Los Angeles in 2004, LAmade has and continues to be the embodiment of Southern California style. As a leader in the Los Angeles fashion community, this contemporary clothing brand is made and designed in a family-owned factory in LA, with a focus on premium, ethically, and locally sourced fabric. All of LAmade's designs are devoted to impeccable fit, quality and effortless sexy sensibility. Shop LAmade

Lysse Blue Jumpsuit

Lyssé Founder Beth Gold Cohen was inspired to design the perfect legging. A pair that was effortless and comfortable. Easy to care for. AND flattering and fashionable. While Lyssé has evolved into a modern collection of wardrobe GO-TO’s, the brand still lives by what inspired their first pair of leggings. FIT. FABRIC. FASHION. It’s not about age. It’s not about size. It’s about living. Lyssé has a patented 5-inch concealed waistband for 360° smoothing and uses sustainable fabrics such as vegan suedes and leathers. So go ahead and continue to enjoy life, indulge, your secret is safe with Lyssé. Shop Lyssé


Manduka Yoga Clothing

Manduka celebrates all yogis, on every path, all over the planet. Designed by yogis and loved by teachers worldwide, carefully-selected materials are paired with thoughtful design for the tiniest environmental footprint possible. Their collection of eye-catching, performance driven and eco-friendly products includes: yoga mats, towels, bags, props, accessories and apparel. Shop Manduka

Momos Shoes Women's Flats

MOMOC is the dream of a Spanish woman, Gabriela, who believes it’s time to take a chic walk on the conscious side. MOMOC is the environmentally-conscious Sustainable & Ethical Fashion Shoe start-up in Spain using materials mainly sourced from within Spain. Extreme care is taken in choosing each and every ecological material for making unique, original, and high-quality shoes that are the perfect combination of trendy, elegant and comfortable. Since summer 2019, all Momoc collections are vegan, as well as sustainable, and PETA approved. MOMOC is for every woman who loves fashion and nature. Shop MOMOC Shoes

UK Brand Monsoon Black Foral Midi Skirt with Buttons

A founding member of the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI), Monsoon has been at the forefront of promoting ethical trade, empowerment, and producing sustainable styles since 1973. Each year they help 15,000 disadvantaged women and children in Asia through a range of education, healthcare, and income-generation projects. Just a few of the many reasons we love this ModFemLuxe brand. Shop MONSOON


Neu Nomads White Poncho Maxi Dress

Neu Nomads is a NY based female-owned sustainable fashion brand. Offering affordable and eco-friendly womenswear, their collections feature luxurious biodegradable fabrics, clean dyes and recycled packaging. Shop Neu Nomads

NIC+ZOE Women's Light Blue Top, White Pants

Founded by mother-daughter duo, Dorian & Zoe, NIC+ZOE, is a fierce female led-brand based out of Boston, MA. As a size-inclusive brand, they focus on making busy women look good when they are on-the-go. They offer petite & plus size options and do a darn good job of it. Shop NIC+ZOE

Nisolo beige leather booties

Nisolo creates intentionally designed, ethically made products, sold at a fair price. Their vision is to push the fashion industry in a more sustainable direction--where success is based on more than just offering the cheapest price--a direction that not only values exceptional design, but the producer and the planet just as much as the end consumer. Shop Nisolo  

NOIZE US Vegan Full-length Trench Coat

NOIZE, a Canadian brand originating from Montreal, is a cruelty-free outerwear brand that stylishly supports all living pursuits. To them, that means caring about animals, the environment, culture and fashion equally. Their hand-picked, ethical and sustainable fabrics are equal parts high-quality, tenacious in sub-zero temperatures, and tastefully treatable with our dreamt-up designs. With every purchase of NOIZE , you’ve spared an innocent animal, but you’ve also equipped yourself to brace the frigid cold by looking on-point without breaking the bank. Shop NOIZE US

N:PHILANTHROPY Adios Women's Graphic Tshirt

N:PHILANTHROPY is a contemporary collection that specializes in updated essentials, faux furs, vegan leathers, and deconstructed sweaters. The collection reflects the current trend towards comfort-consciousness. A N:PHILANTHROPY girl believes that she shouldn't have to sacrifice style for wearability. The clothes are designed to blur the lines between work and weekend; tailored enough to lunch in, comfortable enough to lounge in. Their garments feature hand distressing, raw edges, and cutout details which gives you permission to get a little wild. Whether she's sipping tequila with friends or catching the red-eye, she looks effortless and feels like a badass. **Bonus: get 20% off your first order with code: GOOD20. Shop N:PHILANTHROPY

NYDJ Size Inclusive Denim Brand

NYDJ or (Not Your Daughter Jeans) is a size-inclusive denim brand, because they believe the perfect fit is more than just a size number. It’s empowering every woman to feel beautiful and confident when she gets dressed. With 66 sizes in petite, plus size, petite plus size, tall and short, there’s a fit for everyone—because we know that every woman’s curves are just as unique as she is. NYDJ Is also an advocate/participant of the California Transparency of the Supply Chain Act. The purpose of the Act aligns with one of NYDJ's core beliefs – that the community of consumers should be empowered to make better and more informed purchasing decisions by knowing which companies have active social-responsibility programs. NYDJ is committed to fair labor practices in its supply chains.NYDJ conducts audits of its direct suppliers to evaluate compliance with company standards and policies related to the avoidance of slavery and human trafficking. NYDJ requires that its direct suppliers certify in writing annually that their goods comply with the laws regarding slavery and human trafficking of the country or countries in which they are doing business. NYDJ maintains internal accountability standards and procedures for employees or contractors failing to meet NYDJ's standards regarding slavery and trafficking. And lastly, NYDJ  requires that all employees who have direct responsibility for supply-chain management undergo training regarding NYDJ's policies, practices and procedures that are designed to ensure that our supply chains are free of any type of human trafficking or slavery. Shop NYDJ here


OhSevenDays Silk Green Top

OhSevenDays is an Australian/Canadian womenswear label making sustainable staples from off-cut fabrics sourced from the left overs in fast fashion factories in Istanbul. They sell limited edition ethical and ecologically friendly collections worldwide. Shop OhSevenDays 

Outdoor voices black sports bra, redhead woman

Outdoor Voices is an active lifestyle brand. This size-inclusive brand believes in freeing fitness from performance and embrace activity with ease, humor, and delight. Their mission is to get people out there and Doing Things together, redefine recreation as part of everyday life. Outdoor Voices is dedicated to sustainability and reducing the use of conventional fabrics by using fabric alternatives such as RecPoly (made from recycled PET), MegaFleece (recycled wool), and CloudKnit (their first bluesign certified product). Even their packaging is recycled and recyclable. Shop Outdoor Voices

OYUN ethically-made leisurewear

OYUN is a collection of affordable knit foundation pieces that will elevate the way women think about leisurewear. Designer Sanaz Gera created OYUN because she couldn’t find a brand in the marketplace that filled her need for beautiful, well-made, ethically made clothing that would take her through all the stages of her busy day in comfort and style — from PTA meetings and client lunches to coffee with friends. Her multi-functional designs, all of which work as a cohesive collection of natural fibers and affordably-priced loungewear. OYUN seeks to simplify the process of getting dressed. Every piece works seamlessly within the collection and can be worn in a variety of environments, from running errands to entertaining guests at home. OYUN values the planet and people within their supply chain just as much as the end consumer. They use biodegradable packaging and recycled products for shipping their garments and instilling renewable practices to minimize their carbon footprint. Shop OYUN


PACT Apparel grey poncho sweatshirt

Pact was designed for humankind, creating head-to-toe basics that empower every kind of person to unleash what's underneath. That means you. Pact sources 100% organic cotton: only and always. They seek out Fair Trade Certified factories. They use eco-friendly materials and practice everywhere humanly possible, because comfort should never come at the cost of other people or the planet. Shop Pact Apparel  

Parker Clay Tan Leather oversized handbag

Buying a bag from Parker Cay can change someone’s entire life. Parker Clay, a Cali-based handbag and accessories brand, is dedicated to transforming communities in Ethiopia through social and economic empowerment. They support fair trade practices and benefits for our Ethiopian artisans, ensuring environmentally friendly production and processes of their leathers. Shop Parker Clay  

Woman wear printed green dress

People Tree is a pioneer of Fair Trade, ethical and sustainable fashion worldwide. With presence in the UK and Japan they design and produce quality, fashionable garments for women and men using Fair Trade certified organic cotton and sustainable materials. All verified by the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO). Shop People Tree

prAna white jacket, white wide brim hat

Born in California, raised by the experience, prAna is truly a clothing brand for positive change #C4PC. Fair Trade and Responsible Down certified. 100% animal cruelty-free. They encourage consumers to start asking questions about the clothing you wear in the same way you ask about the food you eat, and you can fundamentally change the way clothing is made. Shop prAna


Rachel Pally Floral Maxi Dress

Rachel Pally is a female-owned brand designed & made in LA celebrating women of all shapes, sizes, and stages of life, with on-trend, flattering and comfortable designs. Mothers, daughters, grandmothers, small and plus size, pregnant and post-partum – there really is something for everyone! Shop Rachel Pally

RE/DONE Repurposed Denim

RE/DONE is more than just a denim company. RE/DONE is a movement - a movement to restore individuality to the luxury fashion space, a movement to keep heritage brands relevant, and a movement to create sustainable fashion. Their jeans are a celebration of Levi jean’s past and a continuation of the jean’s individual story. This repurposed denim brand takes the vintage denim apart at the seams, repurposing it as the fabric of our new jeans. They launched with one mid-rise modern skinny fit, and one irreverent, perfectly slouchy, borrowed-from-the-boys relaxed fit and have since added a perfect belly-button skimming high-rise cut. RE/DONE manufactures all of its jeans in Downtown Los Angeles using water-conserving methods and no harsh chemicals. Quantities will always be limited since each pair is handpicked, hand-cut, and distinctly one of a kind. Shop RE/DONE

Rent the Runway Floral Skirt

Clothes often times can end up in the back of closets or landfills. Rent the Runway encourages consumers to power the sharing economy and rent instead. They have transformed the retail industry by making the designer dress and accessory experience more accessible. Women can rent dresses for a special event or just add game-changing pieces to their everyday style. Dresses come in sizes 0-22, and customers can choose a free backup size. They also have more than 25 stylists on hand to help women find the perfect look. Imagine a closet that has exactly what you want. Takes up no space. And does all your dry cleaning. You’ve got 100,000s of options at your fingertips. Designers include Vera Wang, Opening Ceremony, Narciso Rodriguez, Reem Acra, Badgley Mischka and much more. Shop Rent the Runway

Reprise activewar black yoga pants

Reprise Activewear, which stands for 'a repeated practice', is a line of plant-based activewear aimed at addressing the widespread use of synthetics in workout clothing. Each piece is made from a mix of sustainably sourced wood pulp and is manufactured locally in New York City. Their mission is to empower you in your holistic health journey by always providing the best in nontoxic performance materials. Reprise never uses oil-based synthetics or recycled plastics because of their impact on the planet. They believe your skin deserves only the best, so they only work with plant-based fabrics to give you the cleanest wear. Shop Reprise


SAINT + SOFIA Women's Black Leather Jacket

Saint and Sofia creates fashion and accessories, with a twist. This London-based brand believes in proper prices, better production and sustainability. They work closely with family owned fabric mills and leather tanneries in Italy, Portugal and Turkey, and have sampling studios and production facilities in Italy and Bulgaria. They have a dedicated production team who oversee the production on a weekly basis. Shop Saint + Sofia

skye beige lightweight jacket, black shorts

San Francisco-based women's clothing brand, SKYE, is a brand that designs with clean lines, sensual drapes, and endless sophistication in mind. They understand the importance of ethics and sustainability and it is ingrained into the brand culture and values. Most of the items are made from natural, biodegradable materials such as cotton, linen, TENCEL, and wool. They design, source and manufacture in a way that benefits women, small businesses and underprivileged populations while minimizing their impact on the environment. Each decision they make is a symbol of their commitment to ethical and sustainable fashion. SHOP SKYE *Bonus: use code SKYECHIC15 for 15% off your first purchase.

SOKO Gold Hoop Earrings, Woman smiling

Modern Fashion Jewelry, with social impact, SOKO is redefining ethical fashion. Designed in San Francisco. Handcrafted responsibly in Kenya. Made with recycled brass and responsibly sourced wood and cow horn that would otherwise be thrown out. All SOKO products are handmade by over 2,000 artisans across Kenya. With SOKO, each artisan earns 5x more than the average. Shop SOKO  

State Cashmere Brown Sweater

State Cashmere sources directly from the Inner Mongolian goats which are essential in the production of highest quality cashmere. Their materials are natural, pure and sustainable to not compromise the brand's social responsibility. Shop State Cashmere 

Sudara green punammies lounge pant

Sudara is an ethically-made apparel brand that offers loungewear, pajamas, sleep sets for women and a select collection for mens and kids. They are a certified B-Corp with a mission of creating jobs and providing skills training for women in India who are at the highest risk or survivors of sex trafficking. We commend this brand for its commitment to empowering women and making a positive difference in this world. Shop Sudara 

Summersalt bright pink one-piece swimsuit

Summersalt is direct-to-you designer swimwear that fits your body and your budget. Made by women for women, Summersalt is flipping the industry upside-down to make shopping for swimwear better, easier, and way more fun. They took over 1.5 million body measurements from 10,000 women to find the perfect fit. They also use recycled materials to create fabrics and product packaging because if we want to explore this world— we need to take care of it. Shop Summersalt 

Symbology clothing green kimono wrap dress

Symbology is out to make fair trade sexy. They partner with women artisans in India to merge their handcrafted fabrics with fashion forward designs, creating one-of-a-kind pieces for customers that tell a story of empowerment. Named by DoneGood as 'an ethical alternative to Anthropologie', their elevated boho-chic styles include a range of dresses, jumpsuits, kimonos and tops. Shop Symbology


tasc performance black lightweight zip jacket

Like the best moments in life, clothing should be intuitive, natural and make you feel better. tasc is reinventing performance lifestyle apparel— starting with its fabrics. Their proprietary fabric blends are sustainable, chemical-free and derived from the highest quality natural sources including Bamboo, Merino Wool and Organic Cotton. tasc fabrics deliver a luxuriously soft feel paired with natural moisture-wicking, UPF 50+ sun protection and odor-resistance to ensure that each piece can withstand the diverse needs of your active lifestyle – from workouts to hangouts to office and travel. Shop tasc

The RealReal Hot Pink Dress

Founded out of her home in 2011, Julie Wainwright, brought The RealReal to life from her kitchen table and visited consignors at their homes with a U-Haul. What began as a scrappy startup has transformed the business of authenticated luxury consignment into a dynamic, global movement that champions not only quality and craftsmanship, but also sustainability and community. The RealReal takes pride in honoring heritage brands and extending the lifecycle of luxury items. This powerhouse brand is empowering consignors and buyers to extend the life cycle of luxury goods. The future of fashion is circular. Shop The RealReal

The Root collective Brown suede bootie

The Root Collective provides fashion-conscious women with an opportunity to change the world thanks to their collection of handcrafted shoes and accessories. Every purchase is creating jobs for small workshops in Guatemala. Shop The Root Collective

Woman wearing blue ciao bella sweater

Thought (formerly Braintree Clothing) designs contemporary clothing that's light on nature's resources. Think effortless pieces, sustainable fabrics. They've been championing eco fibres since their humble beginnings in the mid 1990’s, producing quality affordable garments, ethically. Dedicated to sustainability Thought Clothing usese fibres such as hemp, bamboo & organic cotton. These fabrics are good for the environment and great to wear! Shop Thought Clothing 

Tradlands Women's Beige Sweater

Tradlands is intentional in creating fabrics from sustainable sources, methods and materials in every area possible. Tradlands employs adults who are paid a living wage, work in bright, clean and airy environments, and choose to come to work. This includes US-based standards of working hours, paying over-time, and never allowing triple shifts. They perform compliance audits yearly to evaluate employee satisfaction and environmental conditions. Shop Tradlands


This ultra-cool and sustainable Swedish brand is inspired by 1960's tennis shoes. Their sneakers are made from recycled and fully recyclable materials. The styles have always remained very classic with a commitment to comfort unlike any other shoe. Tretorn has partnered up with André 3000 to reinvent the classics in styles everyone can appreciate. Shop TRETORN


Women wearing Universal Standard Brown Work Pants

Universal Standard started because size had become the dividing line determining who had the privilege and freedom to dress with quality and style. Starting with the premise that clothes should look and feel good, Universal Standard created a line of modern essentials, with a chic, downtown but classic aesthetic – giving women a new standard in style and experience in size 00-40. The brand’s direct to consumer model launches new products weekly and provides a seasonless shopping experience. Shop Universal Standard


Vetta two piece sheath wrap dress

VETTA creates capsule collections made up of five versatile pieces that can be mixed and matched to create a month's worth of outfits. You can buy the entire capsule or shop individual pieces, and everything is made from sustainable fabrics in responsible factories. Getting dressed has never been so easy. Shop VETTA  


Warby Parker Sunglasses for Women

Since day one, over five million pairs of glasses have been distributed through Warby Parker's Buy a Pair, Give a Pair program. Alleviating the problem of impaired vision is at the heart of what they do, and with your help, their impact continues to expand. Shop Warby Parker 

WARP + WEFT Black cropped flare denim

WARP + WEFT’s entire mission is "sustainable denim for everybody and every body" ranging from sizes 00-24. WARP + WEFT aims to educate consumers on the impact of denim and how they're striving to make a difference. On average WARP+WEFT uses 1400 fewer gallons of water per jean vs. regular jeans. 20% of their fabric is made of recycled denim, plastic, and cotton and they represent over 75 sizes and body types. Shop WARP+WEFT

Wolven threads sustainable activewar

Wolven believes being active connects us to our environment, so they create innovative activewear that gives back to the planet. Designed in Downtown Los Angeles with sustainable fabrics, each style is produced in small batches. For the nature-lovers at heart, these earth-inspired prints are designed to instantly transport you to the magic of the sacred outdoors — even if you’re powering through asanas inside. Shop Wolven

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