Sustainabilty is about feeling good

Woman wearing sustainable fashion

What do you think about when you hear the words, ‘sustainable fashion’? Recycled material? Organic materials? Transparent supply chain? All of these are entry points to sustainable fashion but there are so many more!  

At EcoLuxeFashion, we define sustainability as having an eco conscious mindset coupled with a drive to treat the humans who grow the material to make the clothes, design, and sew them with compassion and equity.  

Each fashion brand on our site has its own vision for how they want to impact and change the world. Some founders focus on the women who sew the clothes. Other founders focus on the environmental impact their brand has on the world. Most concentrate in more than one area. But what is important is you? How do you want to change the world? What point of view are you aligned with? There is no right or wrong way to promote positivity and peace in the world!  

Here at EcoLuxeFashion, we dissected all of the different ways fashion brands enter the sustainable fashion market and categorized them accordingly. We make it easy to see what their passion and focus is in order to match it with yours. You can feel good about supporting a cause and vision that is aligned with your core values and beliefs. Ready to get started on your sustainable fashion journey? Click here.  

EcoLuxeFashion Founder Maya Goodall

Meet the Founder, Maya Goodall

Maya Goodall, M.A. M.Ed., is a Latina entrepreneur, traveler, and fashion lover. She created a successful business in the education space, where she sought to change the lives of learners through education and bilingualism. She recently sold the business to Rosetta Stone. When she was starting her career, she had the opportunity to live and work in Rome, where her fashion sense came to life. She now has the opportunity to combine her love of fashion, her desire to help make the world a better place, and her business sense. Maya is excited to launch her next venture, EcoLuxeFashion, where she can blend her commitment to sustainability with her love of fashion.

Why EcoLuxeFashion?

Hi, I’m Maya, and I have been on a healthy, organic journey for quite a while now.  

My journey began after I had my first baby fifteen years ago. I became interested in the origin, quality, and sustainability of the foods we were feeding ourselves and our new child. Food was the initial foray into delving deeper into a holistic, healthy lifestyle.  

Like many moms, I expanded my attention beyond food to consciously choosing non-toxic, natural cleaning supplies.  

My attention naturally turned to skin care products such as lotions, toothpaste, and shampoo. Over the years, I collected a vast amount of research about the additives that can affect and disrupt our immune systems. And these disruptors were in products my family used on a daily basis!  

As my clean lifestyle unfolded, I was disheartened that I wasn’t “100% perfect.” I had an ideal in my mind of someone who never gave her children anything that wasn’t organic. This ideal person would never put anything other than organic products on her skin. I felt guilty when I compared myself to this mythical person, especially while purchasing an occasional favorite “dirty” product at the makeup counter.  

Woman wearing grey cropped jacket, black pants

When I began to learn about “fast fashion” and the environmental and ethical impact it was playing on our world and community, I came to two life-changing realizations. I realized that this area was where I wanted to make a significant impact and that there is no such thing as perfect, especially when it comes to sustainability and conscious consumerism.  

I have always loved fashion and how it can change your outlook, your day, and even your entire life. It can be a powerful expression of oneself. However, I know there is no perfection when trying to be sustainable. Thus, the idea of a marketplace was born.  

“What if there were a single website I could visit that would simultaneously educate and offer items already curated and ‘approved’ based on standards I believed in?” 

That is what I wanted, and I know others do, as well. Whether you buy one item or everything from sustainable fashion brands, EcoLuxeFashion is here for you.  

 Never feel guilty, just feel good!  

Never feel guilty, just feel good.